Welcome to The Online Makeup Blog. My name is Jane and I love makeup and use this blog to share my passion with others. I am both a makeup artist and a freelance writer, so what better way to combine my two passions than to write about makeup?

I started this blog so that I can collate all the information I learn about makeup in the form of the latest beauty news, tutorials, makeup tips as well as product reviews, photos and swatches about products that I use, be they good or bad! Please note that all opinions on this blog are mine alone, unless otherwise stated and based on personal experience. I purchase all the products myself, unless I state otherwise, so all reviews are completely unbiased. If I like them I will say so, if I don't, I'll tell it like it is.

Some fun with a wig and a feather boa. Makeup by me, photography by CSP

Some fun with a wig and a feather boa. Makeup by me, photography by CSP


Reference Details:

Hair Colour: Very light blonde (natural)
Skin Colour: Very fair with cool undertones (burns easily)
Skin Type: Oily all over but especially forehead and nose
Eyes: Blue, hooded, oily lids
Foundation examples that match me:
Estee Lauder Double Ware: 1C1
Kat Von D Lock-it Liquid: 42
L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte: 101
Revlon Colorstay Combo/Oily: Buff/Nude
Hourglass Immaculate® Liquid Powder: Shell
Face Atelier Ultra Pro: 1 Porcelain/2 ivory
Bare Minerals Matte Foundation: Fair 01


I was born and raised in England but in 2006 my husband and I emigrated to Canada and now after 11 years in Ontario, we have once again moved, this time to Calgary, Alberta. I spent many years working for companies within marketing and communications as well as being a freelance writer. But my greatest love was makeup and as my husband was a photographer it seemed a natural progression for me to study makeup professionally.   

I love experimenting with makeup on myself and others and believe that makeup is a way to enhance our natural beauty. I personally have fair skin and naturally very blonde hair (no blonde jokes please) so things like disappearing eyebrows, looking like a tomato at the mere hint of sun, not to mention my oily skin, oily eyelids and hooded eyes are all issues for me. 

I think everyone should feel good in their own skin and if makeup helps us to achieve that, great. No one is born able to apply makeup, we have to learn how to do it. I found out after studying as a makeup artist that I had been applying most of my makeup incorrectly for years, but I learnt, and continue to learn and hope others can learn too.

Please note that I include some affiliate links throughout the site as an easy way for readers to find and purchase products mentioned. I only receive a small commission if actual products are purchased.

Feel free to comment on the posts and use the contact form to get in touch. Have fun…..