NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base Review and Photos

NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base Review and Photos

I know there are many people out there who never use a primer either on their face or eyes and I must confess I used to be one of them. But as I got older my eyelids seemed to get more and more oily and my eyeshadow was not staying on my eyelids no matter which brand or product type I used, so a few years ago I took the plunge and purchased my first eye primer. Read my blog post Why You Should Use an Eyeshadow Primer.

Admittedly this was a cheap drugstore brand which did not solve my problem, but did make enough of a difference to make me explore primers more. I have since tried several eyeshadow primers with different results and did favour Urban Decay’s Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion, but once I tried NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base I was hooked. So let's find out why.

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Packaging: The primer comes in a stylish black box, which although in most cases simply gets thrown away, it is nicer than just buying the naked tube, well, I think so anyway. Inside you will find a leaflet with product details including the fact that the product can be used as not only an eyeshadow base but as a primer for eyebrow pencils and lower lash liners. The product tube itself is stylish and feels soft to the touch - strange but true! 

It is a solid tube, so no squeezing and it has an applicator. Now, as a makeup artist this type of packaging is not ideal as I want to be able to keep the product sterile by squeezing out enough for my client and not use an applicator. However, for myself and other people using this just for their own use it is not a problem. 

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Usage: As I mentioned there is an applicator that you use to apply the product to your eyelid, or you can use it to place the product on the back of your hand and use it from there (mua’s can use this method to avoid contamination). You only need a small amount on your eyelid which you spread with your fingertip making sure you cover the entire eyelid to the brows. You can also take it under your eye to give a base for liner. It dries clear very quickly. 

The first time I used this I noticed the difference straight away. Applying powder shadow on top of the primer made the pigment noticeably brighter and I did not have to use as much to get the coverage I needed. After wearing my makeup all day my shadow was still in place over 10 hours later, no creases and no colour fade. With some other primers my shadow will begin to fade and crease and my lids become visibly shiny, but this primer cured all these problems. I also have hooded lids, so have the issue of product transferring from below the crease to above because of the overlapping of my eyelid, but this primer prevents this from happening too.  

Pros: It is all pros as far as the primer itself is concerned. It is a perfect base for makeup, smudge proof, crease proof, non oily, quick drying, matte finish. Pretty much perfect and as with everything I use it is also cruelty free. 

Cons: No product is perfect and although I feel the actual primer is pretty near to perfection, the packaging is not. First of all there is the issue of it not being a squeezable tube which is better for avoiding contamination. Also because of this you have no idea how much product you have left as you cannot see inside the tube, nor can you feel how much is left. I also think that some product may get wasted at the end as you cannot get all the product out of the tube as you would with a squeezable one.

The price may also be an issue to some $33 CND or $26 USD* for 0.26oz, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. The last tube I purchased has been used every day for five months and there is still some left. 

Verdict: Despite the cons, I still maintain that for people like me with oily lids and/or hooded lids it is brilliant. Everyone has their own eye makeup issues and different products suit different people, but this is definitely now my personal go to eyeshadow primer. 

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