Beauty Advent Calendars for Holiday 2016

Beauty Advent Calendars for Holiday 2016

I have to confess to not being a particularly festive person and haven’t owned an advent calendar since I was a child, but with so many advent calendars aimed at us beauty addicts, I thought I’d take a look at what's on offer this year. 

There are quite a few available with extra ones being announced all the time. They also vary in price meaning there is one to suit every pocket. So, depending on your brand favorites here are some of the choices available.

NYX - Wanderlust Advent Calendar

This was the first advent calendar I came across this year. The packaging looks fun and is based on a travel theme, with 24 travel-size surprises behind every door. The contents seem to be eyeshadows and lipsticks but NYX is not giving too much away. 

$50 USD or $75 CND. 

Benefit Cosmetics - Girl O'clock Rock

Open this limited-edition set to play an original “Bene-song” then pop open each door for goodies galore. This has 12 mini products inside, so not one every day, but we can live with that at this price point. 

$45 USD or $59 CND

Charlotte Tilbury - Charlotte's World of Legendary Parties

Every time you open a door in this gift set, behind the iconic dancing women representing a hall of fame of different party eras, is a best-selling mini treat waiting to be unveiled from Charlotte's multi award-winning range. This is a beautiful looking calendar containing 12 products, but it doesn’t come cheap. 

$200 USD or $260 CND

Laura Mercier - The Iconics

This box is a mix of deluxe and full size versions of all of Laura's iconic products. It really is beautiful to look at and I think it is one of the classiest advent calendars available. But, you do have to pay for class!

$170 USD or $205 CND

Target - Target’s 12 Days of Beauty Faves

This calendar houses 12 products from various brands such as NYX, Nexxus and Pixi. As it is on the cheaper end of the price scale it is worth trying out.

$25 USD or $35 CND

Clarins - Beauty Delights Advent Calendar

Discover 24 of Clarins best-selling and iconic products hidden behind beauty delights. 24 gifts, including three full-size products, trial sizes, accessories and samples.

$125 USD or $132 CND

The Body Shop - 3 Calendars available

Each drawer contains a treat from bestsellers to brand new body care, skincare, makeup and accessories ranges.

Cheeky Surprises (USA) / Beauty Advent Calendar (Canada): $175 USD or $99 CND
Deluxe Cheeky Surprises USA: $125 n/a Canada
Deluxe Cheeky Surprises (USA) / Ultimate Beauty Advent Calendar (Canada) $175 USD or $169 CND.

bareMinerals - Countdown to Gorgeous

24 surprises for the lips, eyes and skin and a special keychain keepsake. This is a very nice looking calendar with some good products included, shame it doesn’t appear to be available in Canada. 

$79 USd n/a Canada

Estee Lauder - Holiday Countdown

Start each day with a little luxury, including 24 beauty surprises from their best-selling skincare, makeup and fragrance ranges. The price is on the high end, but then it is Estee Lauder!

$275 USD or $310 CND

Clinique - 24 Days of Clinique Set

This festive set is filled with Clinique’s top skin care and makeup in mini sizes, plus expert makeup tools. I am very sad this is not available in Canada as I love their skincare.

$65 USD n/a Canada

Summary of the Advent Calendars

Hopefully, you will find at least one advent calendar that fits your preferences. Although I would have liked the Clinique calendar it doesn’t appear to be available in Canada so I will have to go without that. I am very tempted by the NYX calendar as it is the right price point and I do use their products, so maybe this is the one for me. Of course, if money were no object I would go for Laura Mercier. I love her products and the calendar itself looks stunning. Also, I would imagine that you could easily use it as a jewellery box or similar after. 

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