Beauty Blender v’s Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Beauty Blender v’s Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

There isn’t much in the makeup world that has received as much hype as the Beauty Blender. All of us that are into makeup have heard of it, even if we haven't actually tried it. Until a month ago I was in the “not tried” camp as I was perfectly happy with blending my makeup with brushes, but as I host a beauty blog I felt it was my duty to buy and try these products. For this comparison I will refer to the Beauty Blender as BB and the Miracle Sponge as RT - got it? Okay, here goes...


There is no getting away from the price of the BB, at $28 CND it is way up there for what is, after all, a small sponge. With the RT on the other hand, I purchased a two pack for $12, that just $6 CND each, so less than a quarter of the price of the BB.

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The BB comes in a small round plastic tub that they advise can be used to put your damp BB on top of to try out after use. The RT also comes in a plastic pack but not one to keep. It is also worth noting that the BB come with instructions whereas the RT had no instructions at all.

Shape, Size & Texture When Dry

The BB is an egg shaped pink sponge with a pointy end and a rounded end - yep, as I said, egg shaped! It is very small when you take it out of the pack, about 5cm in length. The RT is a similar shape but with a flat side and the pointy end is not as pointy as the BB, it is also a fraction bigger. As far as texture is concerned they are both soft and squishy, but the BB is slightly softer and squidger whereas the RT feels slightly denser and heavier. 

Shape, Size & Texture When Wet

The BB instructs you to soak the sponge in water and towel dry before use, the RT says nothing, but I did the same thing for both.

The shapes do not change when wet, but the size does. Both get much bigger when wet. The BB expands to about 7 cm and the RT to about 8 cm at its longest length. Texture-wise they feel very similar with the BB still being slightly softer and the RT denser.

Actual Use

The idea of the sponges is to dip them in your chosen foundation then bounce the sponge over the face to blend. This is where I found a big difference. 

The RT is very springy when bouncing and you can feel a little resistance whereas the BB is much squishier with less resistance. Both sponges have a pointed end which is great for getting foundation round the eye and nose areas. The BB has a slightly finer point which makes is easy to get into the crevices, but the RT makes up for that with the flat end which not only allows you to cover larger areas of skin, the flat edge also allows you to get right under the eyes and the sides of the nose. 

Although both sponges worked really well and easily blended my makeup, I much preferred the RT as it just felt much easier to use and with less effort. It seemed to pick up product better and blend it quicker and better. 

The end result of using one sponge for each side of my face revealed very little difference between to two. They both achieved a flawless finish, I just prefered to use the RT as it felt effortless to use, but with the BB it felt like I was fighting it all the time.

I also used the sponges to pat on my setting powder and again the RT did a much better job, especially as you can use the flat end to cover more ground. I think it would also be a great tool for baking on concealer, but I haven’t use it for that yet.


There are many ways to wash your sponge, but for the sake of this test I use the BB Blendercleanser Solid which is specially designed for this type of sponge cleaning. I used this on both sponges, for the same amount of time after each use. I suppose you don't really have to wash after each use, but I wanted to.

Both sponges wash well and the majority of the makeup comes out of the sponges. I noticed no difference in the overall cleanliness of each. The BB however did leak colour which I did not notice with the RT. It did not seem to affect the sponge in any way and it remained pink, but it's just a little alarming seeing all the pink dye coming out of it.


After only one month of use, using each one every other day and washing after each use there is a huge difference in my sponges. The RT sponge, other than slight staining, looks no different to the day I bought it. The BB however is really starting to show its age. It is tearing and has visible holes appearing. The fact that this is so much more expensive than the RT, I find this shocking. I don't know if I have a bad one, but I can only base my findings on the products I have and this one sucks!

And the Winner is….

I think you might have guessed by now, I am totally on the side of the RT. 
It feels better to work with.
The flat side is really useful
The flat edge is really useful
It washes well
It is far more durable
It costs a quarter of the price
I can get it at local drugstores instead of having to buy at Sephora (150 km round trip or online)

I know many will disagree and say the BB is the only way to go, but from this girl, I’m sticking with the RT, I just hope they bring out some more colours in the future, but that's just me being picky!

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