Boxycharm February 2018 unboxing and first impressions

Boxycharm February 2018 unboxing and first impressions

Well, my February Boxycharm finally arrived on the last day of the month! Better late than never I suppose, but was it worth the wait?

This months theme is Galaxy Glow, although I have no idea why as only one of the products included could be classed as having any sort of glow!

Boxycharm Feb 2018.jpg

Ofra Cosmetics Pop-Up Palette Mini

Ofra palette.jpg

This is a magnetic palette that can be used for depotted makeup pans such as eyeshadows, blushes etc. Similar to the Z Palette. It open from the diagonal split in the middle which makes it a bit awkward, but it is a lot thinner that my Z Palette which is good. 


I perhaps would have like to have received some magnets with this, but overall it is not a bad item and I will use this. Retail price $19 USD.

Ofra Godet Refill

This comes with the Ofra palette (pictured above) and is a single blush in the shade Winter Rose Glow. This really isn't my shade as I prefer pinks and peaches, but it retails for $12 USD.


Cover FX Shimmer Veil


This is a pretty pink shimmery cream that can be used anywhere on the face. It states that it is crease-proof, so can be used on eyes. I'm not so sure that it would work with my oily lids, even with a primer, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt.

The shade I got was Amethyst, and as you can see from the swatches is a very pretty pale pink that does indeed shimmer. Retail value $28 USD.

Vintage Cosmetics Smokey Eye Pencil

Vintage Smokey Eye Pencil.jpg

This is an eye pencil in the shade Jet Black. I never use eye pencils, so won't be using this. Retail value $21 USD.

PUR X-Faux Lips Plumping Lip Exfoliator

PUR Lip Plumper.jpg

This is something I've never used before, so I will be interested to see how well it works. Apparently, it has shea butter, raw sugar and exfoliating beads and will plump, hydrate, smooth and exfoliate my lips. Sounds good, so will definately try this out. Retails for $17 USD.

Crown Pro Trio Brush Set


I honestly have so many brushes, I really don't need these. This set is for contouring the face and includes a concealer brush, sculpting brush and a powder brush. They all feel very soft and of course they are pretty in pink and white (until you start using them of course). Retail $29.99 USD.


I have to say, this is probably one of my most disappointing boxes. I will put the palette to use at some point and will give the lip plumper a try, but the other items will not be used. So, for me, this box is a miss, but the items I am using retail at a greater cost than I paid for the box, so I suppose I cannot complain. Hopefully next months, or rather this months box will be better. 

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