Ciate London x Chloe Morello Pretty, Fun and Fearless Eyeshadow Palette Review, Swatches and Photos

Ciate London x Chloe Morello Pretty, Fun and Fearless Eyeshadow Palette Review, Swatches and Photos

I really wanted this palette when it was released last year with the lipstick and case etc, but unfortunately it was not available at my local Sephora and I never found it available on the website in Canada. So imagine my delight when the palette was released again, but this time on its own. Well, I snapped it up and here is my review on the good and the bad about the palette. 

Ciate London x Chloe Morello Pretty, Fun and Fearless Eyeshadow Palette

The packaging is exactly as the palette describes, pretty and fun. On the back there is a guide to the shades in the palette and a short bit of advice on how best to use the eyeshadows.


Now for the inside. The exterior of the palette echoes the box and is made of cardboard with a magnetic clasp which is pretty strong, so there shouldn't be any accidental opening issues. There is a mirror on the inside on the lid which is a good size for practical use.

There are fifteen eyeshadows in total, in three rows of five. They range from neutrals to purples and plums with five of them shimmers and the rest mattes. I personally love purple shadows and try as many as I can get my hands on. Purple is a notoriously difficult shade to make well and I am often disappointed with pigmentation in some palettes, so I was hoping for better with this one.

The swatches below have been applied to my (pale) arm and the top part of the swatch is over Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer and the lower part on bare skin and shown in different lights. I have applied all swatches with my Hakuhodo 5523 brush.

Top Row (L - R)

Skinny Dip: This is a light brown matte with warm undertones. It applies well on primed skin, but no so well on bare. It is soft to use and blends well and lasted about seven hours without fading. 

Unconditional: Another light brown matte, but this one has more of a warm orange tone. Like the previous shade it works better on primer, has no fallout and blends well and lasted well.

On Fire: This shade is a dark reddish brown matte which had good pigmentation and blended well, but I did get a little bit of fallout with this one, but not too much. 

Queen Bee: this is a deep brown with warm undertones and matte finish. Once again, this worked much better over primer and did have a little fallout. It blends really well and lasted a good seven hours. 

Shine Bright: I would describe this as a coppery/gold shade with warm undertones and a metallic shimmer finish. This is very pigmented and creamy to use. It worked equally well on both primed and bare skin and blended and lasted well.

Middle Row (L - R)

Vaycay: This is a warm gold with metallic shimmer finish. This works better over primer as I found I really had to pack it on when used on bare skin. The sparkly bits were easily brushed away when trying to blend which I found it didn’t do easily. There was also considerable fallout. Not a fan of this shade. 

My Tribe: This Is a pale beige matte shade that worked much better over primer. My skin is pale, so the swatch doesn’t show too well, but is a great base shade for me. There was no fallout with this one and it blended really well and was soft and smooth to use. 

Be Sassy: A light pink matte with warm undertones that definitely works better when used over primer. I found this shade to be quite dry and didn’t apply as well as the other shades, not did it blend as well. 

Jet Setter: I would call this a medium mauve with warm undertones giving it a rose shade appearance. This has good pigmentation on both primed and unprimed skin and was soft and creamy to use. It blended well and lasted a good seven hours. 

Happy: A taupe shade with gold tones and a metallic finish. Worked on both primed and unprimed skin, but better over primer. Fairly smooth to apply, but not as blendable as others. 

Bottom Row (L - R)

Dainty: A creamy peach metallic with warm undertones that works better over primer. I found that this was harder to blend and some of the shimmer was lost in the application. 

Fierce: Red berry shade with a soft sheen that worked well with or without primer. It was very soft and creamy to work with and blended beautifully. It also lasted well over eight hours on me. 

Flirt: This is a dark plum shade that has a matte finish and great pigmentation. It works slightly better over primer, but you can get away without. This applied well and blended well for me with no fallout, 

Day Dream: A matte shade of deep plum that is one of the only shades in the palette that I would say has cool undertones. This worked well over primer and almost as well with bare skin. I did find that this shade did not blend quite as well, you have to work it more. It is a lovely shade though.

Own It: This is a deep grey/purple with cool undertones and a matte finish that has a very slight shimmer. This is a dryer shadow than the others and didn’t blend too well. Probably my least favourite shade to use all of them. 

I have loved his palette from afar for so long, I really, really wanted to be wowed by it, but unfortunately I wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it is a lovely palette with some lovely shades and most of them worked well, but I just wasn’t as wowed as I hoped to be. 

Most of the matte shades were good, they were pigmented and blended well. The exceptions were Be Sassy, Happy and Day Dream which I found did not blend quite as well as the others. The metallic shades were a disappointment and did not work well for me, except Shine Bright which is pretty good. I will definitely use the palette, but as with most, some shades will get more use than others. 

This palette retails for $50 CND at Sephora.

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