Clinique Sweet As Honey Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

Clinique Sweet As Honey Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

I have been using the Clinique Sweet as Honey Eyeshadow Palette for about a week now, so can give you my review and show you some swatches. 

I got this from Sephora during the 20% off promotion and was first attracted to the purples, berry shades and pinks that were included. I ordered this online, so had never seen the palette in person, so I was hoping it matched my expectations.

The palette comes in a box that shows the palette on the front. Inside the box the palette has a nice design with maroon, pink and gold geometric designs and gold lettering. 


When you open the palette, you will see the 14 shadows neatly laid out in logical order. There is also a double-ended brush, which if you follow me regularly, you will know I never use. But it's there if you like to use the palette brushes. The mirror in the lid is a good size and didn't show any distortion.


So, to the eyeshadows. Here are close-ups of the shades. Sorry, I used the palette quite a bit before I photographed it.

You should be able to see that these are not the purple and pink I thought they would be from the image on the Sephora website. They are more towards browns and taupes. Here is the image from Sephora.


My photos are colour balanced and when I hold the palette next to the photos I took, they are pretty identical, so a good representation of the palette. So this was my first disappointment. It was not the purple and pink palette I had expected. But, never mind, the shades looked okay, so I decided to take them at face value and work with what I had. 

As I mentioned I have been using this palette since I purchased it, so will tell you more about that later, but first here are some swatches. These have been done using a brush to apply the colour and the top half of the swatch is over Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Primer and the bottom half of the swatches are on bare skin. The swatches are the top and bottom rows.

Although I found the shadows applied slightly better over primer, there was very little difference in the colour, so that's good. There was a little more fallout without primer and I would guess that they would last longer on the eyes with primer. I personally always use primer due to my oily lids. If I don't my eyeshadows crease and vanish after an hour or two. 

The top row has the paler shades, even though they don't necessarily look paler in the palette, they are. All shades apply really nicely. They are richly pigmented and blend well. There are enough shades to be able to create a lot of different looks from this one palette. So overall, I think the palette is a nice one that will work well for many people.

My biggest issue is the shades. Although I have nothing against the shades themselves, I purchased it thinking it was going to much more towards the purple and berry shades, which I do not feel it is. When I look at my palette collection, I have a lot of similar shades and I just cannot justify this additional palette so, I am going to be returning this palette to Sephora.

I must stress, that this has nothing to do with the quality of the palette, it is in fact really good. It is simply that I feel I was misled with the shades that were represented on the website. Had I have seen this in person in the store, I would probably have bypassed it. But, oh well, you learn from your mistakes.

If the shades I have photographed appeal to you, go ahead and try out this palette, I'm sure you will be pleased with the colour payoff and the quality of the shadows. 

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