Crown Pro Glam Metals Palette Review and Swatches

Crown Pro Glam Metals Palette Review and Swatches

When I got this Crown Pro Glam Metals eyeshadow palette in my January Boxycharm, I was pleasantly surprised as I had no idea Crown did anything other than brushes. 

This palette is a metallic palette as you can guess by the palette name. I am not a huge fan of metallics as I feel I'm too old to really carry off the look, but I do enjoy playing with different shadows and looks, so was definitely willing to give it a go.

When I gave my first impressions of this palette in my Boxycharm unboxing post, I mentioned that I hated the packaging. I still stand by that statement. The outside and inside of the palette is a cream colour with grey-brown splodges (I believe that is the technical term) on it. I know its supposed to look metal and grungy, but to me it just makes it look dirty. It looks like it has been smeared with eyeshadow and got really messy.

But, putting that aside, I like the size of the palette and the guitar-shaped mirror in the lid is a nice touch, although if I'm being picky, it does restrict the size of the mirror considerably. The metallic clasp is pretty firm and the cardboard palette seems pretty durable. The palette contains nine pans and all except one are metallics of varying degrees. Here's what Crown Pro have to say about the palette.

“Rock Your Look with the Crown Pro Glam Metals eyeshadow palette! These highly pigmented, ultra-blendable shadows make smokey eye looks a breeze! To take your look up a notch, wet your eyeshadow brush before application. This will intensify the foiling effect of the shadows, resulting in a sultry, smokey glam that will make you want to Rock the night away!”

All my swatches are done with a primer on the top portion of the swatch and bare skin on the lower portion. The primer I used is Too Faced Shadow Insurance and all swatches were done with a brush.

Top Row

Punk: This is a warm metallic silver grey that worked equally well on bare skin and over primer. It is very pigmented and very smooth to apply, blending well with very little fallout.
Wild Thing: This is a deep coppery red that worked well on both primer and bare skin, but there was noticeable fallout on the bare skin. It is pigmented and blended well.
Black Metal: This is a matte shade that is not what I would call a true black. It is more of a pale black. It worked noticeably better over primer but did produce a fair amount of fallout.

Middle Row

Rock On: This is a green with gold metallic shimmer that worked very well with or without primer. Not too much fallout either way and it blended very well and had a lot of pigment.
Rebel: This is my favourite shade in the palette and is a rich, highly pigmented orange metallic. I worked very well with or without primer and although it did create fallout, it wasn't as much as some of the other shades. It blended very well.
Heavy Metal: This is a silver metallic with cooler blue undertones. It worked slightly better over primer, but was good on bare skin too. A little fallout, but not too much, well pigmented and blended well.

Bottom Row

The Wicked: This is more of a matte shade than a metal, perhaps with a little shimmer. It worked much better over primer as you really have to add product to get it to work on bare skin. It is my least favourite shade in the palette due to its lack of great pigment. 
Glam Rock: A warm rich taupe with metallic finish that is well pigmented and blends well. It did have quite a bit of fallout, especially on bare skin, but blended okay.
Pop Rock: A warm metallic shade that worked well over primer or on bare skin. Again, it did have fallout, but was well pigmented and blended okay.

Crown Pro Glam Metal Palette: Conclusion

Overall, this is a nice palette with some fairly unique shades. If you like metallic eyeshadows then it is worth giving it a try. As I seemed to be continuously mentioning, many of the shades do have a lot of fallout. I would definitely recommend doing your eyes before your face with this palette. 

The pigments are very good and the blendability of the shades was also very good, but I would recommend using a primer as all the shades benefited from being used over a primer. When I tried this out I found the eyeshadows lasted a good eight hours when used with primer even on my oily lids. 

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