Ingenium Naturals Vita-C Luminous Serum Review & Photos

Ingenium Naturals Vita-C Luminous Serum Review & Photos

Being based in Canada, I am always pleased to find new Canadian-based companies offering great products and I wanted to share my latest find with you. Ingenium Naturals offers natural health supplements, pure essential oils, beauty hair and skincare products as well as premium teas. 

The co-founders Barbara Colacci and Massimo De Cosmo set up the company when they found there was a lack of healthy natural products available on the market. They say:

“When we can, we always purchase organic ingredients, but the organic certification of each one relies on the country the ingredient is sourced from. Every country has specific regulations, and costs associated with the certification. Although we feel very comfortable in letting our customers know that many of the ingredients we use in our products are organic, some are not certified organic mainly to avoid passing those costs onto you!”

I was lucky enough to be sent their Vita-C Luminous Serum to try along with a couple of their luxury tea samples.

Ingenium Naturals Vita-C Luminous Serum

As you will know, I have mature but oily skin, so anything that can give my skin a little added vitality without aggravating the oiliness is always welcome. 

What this product claims:

Vita-C Luminous Serum is a natural multi-functional serum which thanks to its 18% vitamin C concentrate performs as an exfoliate, an anti-oxidant, and skin brightening agent. With anti-ageing properties, our serum helps with the reduction of dark spots, secures moisture and provides a youthful looking skin by improving its moisture content. Contains natural fruit extracts and hyaluronic acid, naturally found in the skin. A NATURALLY SAFE product.

This sounded just right for me as I obviously want all the anti-ageing properties I can find these days! It also stated that it was good for all skin types. I am always wary when products claim this as I find it hard to see how one product can be good for both the driest and oiliest of skins, but I was prepared to give this the benefit of the doubt. 

First off, the packaging is very simple which is what I would expect from a company providing natural products. It comes in a pump dispenser with a dark glass bottle and silver lid. The labelling is also simple and has ingredients, warnings and application instructions along with the obvious product details. 

My test routine

Whenever I try out skin care products I think it is vital to allow enough time for your skin to get used to it and provide the best results. I therefore tested this over a three week period, using it both morning and evening as part of my daily skincare routine. I use the Clinique 3-step foaming cleanser, toner and moisturising gel for oily skin. I used the Vita-C after toner and before moisturiser on one side of my face and neck only. 

Why one side only? I felt it was important for me to be able to register any differences I came across and if I was applying this to my whole face I might not be aware of more subtle changes, so by doing it this way I had the perfect benchmark.

One pump of the dispenser provided more than enough product for half my face, neck and down to my décolleté  and would therefore be enough for the whole face under normal usage. The serum is clear and it is also fragrance-free, so great for those with sensitive skin or noses. 

It feels very smooth to the touch and glides over the skin and gets absorbed quickly. This means that my face was not left with that sticky feeling after application that some serums leave. After it absorbed, I then applied my moisturising gel.

My thoughts

The thing I noticed almost from the first application was that my moisturiser seemed to absorb better on that side of my face. It was a subtle difference, but it seemed that as I applied moisturiser it went on smoother and absorbed quicker. 

My concern over oiliness was not an issue as I noticed no difference between the two sides of my face. It did not reduce my oil production, but neither did it aggravate it. The product doesn’t claim to reduce oiliness, so I am fine with this. As long as a product doesn’t make the situation worse, I can live with it.

Over time I did notice that a couple of dark spots I had on that side were hardly noticeable. This was something I suddenly became aware of one morning and it was a very pleasant surprise and not one I was expecting. I know it claims to reduce them, but I honestly was sceptical, but it really did.

As for my skin looking brighter, I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference. This could be because I am not using it with other products from the brand, but as I wear makeup every day I’m really not too bothered. 

Overall, I am very happy with this product and even though my trial time is over, I have plenty of product left and will continue to use it, but all over my face from now on. I have a couple of dark spots on the other side that I would like to reduce if possible. 

The Vita-C Serum retails for $48 CND for a 30ml bottle, which from my experience should last a long time. The company offers many other products such as soaps, cleansers, moisturisers, lip balms as well as hair care products and body butter amongst others. They also, as previously mentioned offer luxury tea products which I have not tried as they are not my thing.

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