Julep Beauty Box subscription free gift is amazing

Julep Beauty Box subscription free gift is amazing

I am a big fan of subscription beauty boxes as it gives me an opportunity to try new products and brands that I perhaps wouldn't otherwise have found. One box I have had my eye on is the Julep Beauty Box as it's primary content is nail polish, although they also include makeup and skincare.

I love nail polish and am always doing my nails, so it made sense for me to try one of the nail polish subscription boxes out there. All seem to be based outside of Canada (shock, horror!), and some cannot ship to Canada because nail polish is one of those products that border control do not like, so when I found out Julep shipped to Canada with no issues, I was very interested. 

I was a little concerned that I would end up getting a nail polish that I didn't like, or once subscribed, I would realize that the product is not so good, so I was a little apprehensive. However, when I saw that they had a really amazing free gift with the subscription I had to take the chance. 

So, what is the free gift? Well, it seemed almost too good to be true, 12 full-size nail polishes (0.27 fl oz, 8 mL)completely free (value $168 USD). You didn't even need to subscribe for any longer than a month to get it, so it was a no-brainer for me. My only concern was that I might get stung for tax or duty at the border, but I figured it was worth the chance, especially as they offer free standard shipping to Canada. You can also get these free nail polishes by clicking on this link

Anyway, when I subscribed, I did so for just the one month as I didn't want to commit too long without trying the product first. I was very impressed with the speed of delivery. Although I had just missed the cutoff date for the current Julep box, so have to wait for the March box, I got my free nail polish within about 10 days, which was really impressive. Fortunately, my fears of being stung with tax and import duty were unfounded. They were indeed, truly free.

This is my box of free polish.

 Julep Beauty Box free polish offer

Julep Beauty Box free polish offer

As promised I received 12 full-size nail polishes and they all came in their own little boxes, except one, strangely! So, right away I was impressed with the quality of delivery and packaging.

The colours I received were:

Alexandria: Coral Oasis Matte Shimmer (Bombshell)
Mariska: Juicy Tangerine Shimmer (Classic With A Twist)
Ariel: Planetary Turquoise Glitter (Bombshell)
Eunice: Ultramarine Blue Shimmer (Bombshell)
Evan: Juiced Beet Crème (Classic With A Twist)
Aimee: Rich Amethyst Metallic (Boho Glam)
Alaina: Driftwood Taupe Crème (Classic With A Twist)
Connie: Hot Magenta Plum Crème (Classic With A Twist)
Florentina: Flame Red Duochrome (Classic With A Twist)
Laurel: Raven Feather Silk (Bombshell)
Jonna: Iguana Green Duochrome (It Girl)
Daylee: Gold Medallion Duochrome (Bombshell)

Julep nail polish.jpg

If you decide to subscribe too, you can also get the free 12 nail polishes - use this link. There are several subscription levels and prices decrease the longer you commit. 

The My Maven box that I subscribed to is $24.99 USD for a month to month subscription or $19.99 for a 3-month sub and they promise the contents will be $40+ in value. They also do a Maven Luxe box which has a $60+ value for $39.99 for a one month sub or $34.99 for 3-months. It's also worth noting that standard shipping is completely free to the USA and Canada.

One of the things I like about this box is that you can either take the standard monthly box as it comes, or you can choose to customize your box with products you choose. You can also skip a month or send your box to a friend, and of course, you can cancel at any time. I wish some of the other beauty boxes allowed you to skip a month, this seems a really good idea. 

I am looking forward to receiving my first Julep Beauty Box next month and will, of course, review it fully once I do. I will also review the free nail polishes I received as and when I use them. 

Remember you too can get the 12 free nail polishes by using this link

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