Julep Nail Polish in Jonna review and photos

Julep Nail Polish in Jonna review and photos

I mentioned last week that I had recently subscribed to the Julep Beauty Box and received 12 nail polishes as a free gift. Well, now I've tried one of them and this is what I think.

Julep Nail Polish - Jonna


This shade of Julep nail polish is from the It Girl range and is described as Iguana Green Duochrome. This is the first of the 12 free polishes I received that I have tried out.

First of all, I want to address the packaging. Each polish comes in it's own box 


This is a nice touch, although I did take them all out of the boxes and threw them away, it does show that the company cares about its product and what it looks like. The bottles are tall and thin and I have to admit that when I was applying the polish I didn't feel confident that the bottle wouldn't tip over. I was very conscious that as I dipped the brush in and out of the bottle it was liable to tip. It didn't, but that was because I was very careful. 

I also notice that all the bottle have a white square on the top of the brush lid which says "swatch me." I thought this was a great idea until I thought about how you should do it. As the brush is on the other end of the lid, you cannot do it with the brush, so you would have to use your finger or something else to do the swatch! Am I missing something with this?

The polish was quite thick and had this been a deeper shade I might have gotten away with one coat, but as this was a slightly lighter shade I did apply two. It applied very smoothly and the brush was comfortable to use and the right length and thickness. 

After applying two coats, I applied some drying drops just to speed up the drying process as I'm impatient and always want to do something before my polish is fully dry and then end up ruining it. With the addition of the drying drops the polish was touch dry in seconds.

The shade is very pretty and as described has a duochrome effect. It is predominantly green but reflects yellow and blue depending on the light and angle you look at them. 


Although I have only tried one polish, so far I am very pleased. I love the range of shades that are available and they seem to be great polishes. I realize that some may be better than others, but as I use each of the shades I will let you know how I get on.

You can also get these 12 free nail polishes if you subscribe using this link

Julep Beauty Box

It is also worth adding here, that I will get my first actual Julep Beauty Box in March and the other day they opened up the area on the website where you can customize your box. As I'd never subscribed to a box where you could choose your items I was very excited. 

Basically, I had been assigned a box to receive, which included a skin care product, a nail polish and some nail stickers. I could accept this box or choose from several other curated boxes, or I could choose all my own items. I chose the latter.

In the end, I chose three nail polishes and a nail polish remover stick which will be delivered next month. I have to say the choices for my box were huge. Lots of skincare, eyeshadow, nail products, lipstick and nail polish to choose from. Although I was tempted by the makeup and skincare, I decided to stick with nail polish as this was my main purpose for choosing this type of subscription box. 

I will eagerly await the arrival of my box and reveal my shades to you.

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