Kat Von D Saint and Sinner Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

Kat Von D Saint and Sinner Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

I have been on the fence about this palette since first seeing previews of it a couple of months ago. Was it the palette for me, did I need these colours, was it worth the $82 CND/$62 USD? Well, I gave in and bought it and this is my review.

Kat Von D Saint and Sinner Eyeshadow Palette Review

First off, this is a large palette which comes in a black box with gold embossed lettering that measures 25 x 16 cm. The front of the box replicated the actual palette inside and the back has all the shades with their names and of course details of all the ingredients.

The palette inside measures the same, excluding the curve of the top of the palette which forms the shape of a traditional stained glass window. It weighs 400g, so not light or travel friendly, but does that matter?


When you open the palette it opens in the centre, so the mirror inside is split in two, which some people might find annoying as it definitely cuts back on the mirror real estate, but each side is still adequate to use and see your full face. 

The 24 eyeshadows are divided into the Saint side and the Sinner side. Saint is described as “dreamy, wearable, and effortlessly romantic”, whereas the Sinner side is promoted as “bold colour pops.”


I personally have quite a few of Kat Von D’s palettes and always find then to be of good quality, well pigmented, bendable and long-lasting, but with a tendency to have fallout. I was interested to see how these shades compared. It is also worth mentioning that this palette it completely vegan.

My first observation, after being floored by the amazing colours was that the pans were rather poorly inserted into the palette. I tried to get a couple of photos to show you what I mean. Some of the pans were set off centre, sloping etc. I realize this does not affect the quality of the eyeshadows, but it is just an annoying little thing that shouldn’t happen. 

So onto those stunning shades, what are they really like? I have included swatches that were done using a couple of sweeps from my Hakuhodo 5523 brush. Full lineup swatches are done with the top half of the swatch is over Too Face Shadow Insurance Primer and the bottom half is on bare skin, so you can see how each shade works with or without primer. The more detail photos with just four shadows each are all on primer.


Chalice, Immaculate, Worship & Absolution 

(left to right in different lights)

Absolution: A pale warm white metallic with lots of sparkle. It is quite a sheer application, but this shade is designed to layer over another shade to give it some pop, so you would expect this to be the case. It worked well over both primed and bare skin, but I did get a bit of fallout, especially over unprimed skin.

Worship: This is a dark purple with warm undertones that has a lovely sheen to it. It worked much better over primer, giving a deeper colour payoff and less fallout. It was very smooth and bendable.

Immaculate: This is an olive green shade with a pearl finish. It applied really well on both primed and unprimed skin with no fallout. It blended really nicely and had great colour payoff.

Chalice: This is a bronzy green shade with a pearl finish that worked with both primed and unprimed skin, but had better coverage over primer. There was no fallout.

Heaven, Sanctuary, Amen & Sacred Heart

(left to right in different lights)

Sacred Heart: A warm orange shade tending towards coral with a shimmery finish. This applied well to the primed skin, but not so well to bare skin. There was fallout with this shade, especially on the bare skin area. 

Amen: A good beige base shade with yellow tones and a matte finish. This applied well to both areas of skin and I saw no fallout. It was smooth to apply and blended well.

Sanctuary: This is dark taupe with a pearl finish that applied well to primed skin and almost as well to bare skin. I did get fallout with this shade, but it gave good colour payoff and blended well.

Heaven: This is a sparkly silver metallic that worked equally well on both bare and primed skin. It had great colour payoff and no fallout. It was easy to work with and blended well.

Baptism, Rosary, Cathedral & Crucifix

(left to right in different lights)

Crucifix: This is a deep brown with cool tones and has a matte finish. It applied much better to primed skin as with the bare skin it needed more layering to get decent colour payoff. 

Cathedral: A dark grey with a slight purple tint and metallic sheen. This had fabulous colour payoff on both bare and primed skin. 

Rosary: This is a medium rose pink or berry shade with warm undertones. It has a pearl finish that worked much better over primer. It was soft and blended well, but had slight fallout. 

Baptism: A pale pink matte with cool undertones. This has excellent colour payoff on both bare and primed skin with no fallout. Blends well with other shades. 


Martyr, Ashes, Sabbath & Rapture

(left to right in different lights)

Rapture: A deep pink glittery finish that had a lot of fallout. It applied similarly to both primed and bare skin, but that application was not great. Perhaps better used over another shade.

Sabbath: This is the black of the palette and I would call it a medium black as it is not as dense as I would have liked. It has a matte finish and worked much better over primed skin, being almost sheer on bare skin. I found this hard to blend and is probably my least favourite shade in the palette. The blacks in the KVD Shade + Light or the Monarch palette are much better and deeper blacks. 

Ashes: This is a taupe shade that has a matte finish but with a green/gold sparkle to it. The sparkles are subtle to the point of disappearing after application. It worked well over primed skin and fairly well over bare with no fallout.

Martyr: This is a warm matte brown which leans towards orange. This applied well to both primed and unprimed skin with no fallout. 

Ministry, Vestment, Revelation & Devil 

(left to right in different lights)

Devil: A warm orange that has a matte finish that works great on primed or bare skin. Colour payoff is excellent and it really pops. It blended really well and was smooth to use.

Revelation: A warm brown matte that has a sparkly finish. Although the gold sparkles were still visible after application, they are subtle and diminished after blending. I had no fallout issues with it.

Vestment: A very pretty teal shade the has an almost duo chrome finish. The colour payoff over primer is much more intense than on bare skin. I did not get any fallout and really loved this shade.

Ministry: This is a deep blue metallic shimmer with cool undertones with no fallout. It worked well on both primed and bare skin but the colour payoff was better over primer. A beautiful shade that really does pop.

Stigmata, Relic, Excorsism & Exodus

(left to right in different lights)

Exodus: Well, this is a green/yellow shade with a matte finish. In the palette it does have a slight pearl sparkle to it, but this seemed to vanish upon application leaving just the matte finish. It worked on both bare and primed skin with a slightly better colour payoff over primer, there was no fallout. 

Exorcism: A deep matte purple that has a shimmer. It applied much better to primed skin with good colour payoff, but did create fallout. Blended well and easy to work with.

Relic: A gold with yellow undertones and a metallic sheen. It applies well to both primed and bare skin with no fallout. This shade blends really well and has a smooth consistency.

Stigmata: A very rich red with warm undertones and a coppery sheen. This applied really well to both primed and bare skin, with little difference between the two. It is a very smooth shadow which blended beautifully with no fallout. 


Overall the shades performed better over a primer with the few exceptions such as Stigmata that had equal billing for both primed and bare skin. As with other Kat Von D eyeshadows, there are some fallout issues, but nothing too bad and nothing that would put me off using them. The worst cases of fallout were with Absolution, Worship, Chalice, Sanctuary, Rapture and Exorcism. 

All the shades had good colour payoff, especially over primer with the exceptions of Absolution and Rapture which had a more sheer finish. All shades latest well and blended beautifully. 

Overall, I am very pleased with the palette. I find the Sinner shades to be more appealing and I will probably use these more than the Saint side. I probably have more similar shades in my collection of the Saint side, but they are still really nice shades. 

Rapture was the most disappointing shade as it looks so pretty in the palette, but performed poorly. Likewise, Sabbath is also a disappointing black, especially as I like the blacks in other KVD palettes so much. The packaging quality (sloping pans etc) was a little annoying, but not the end of the world.

I will need to keep playing with this palette to find my way around it and work more with the shades to get some nice looks. I really wish the palette was more cohesive in its layout, but I can see how the colours will work together and the overall quality is great. A winner!

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