Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette - My Go To Eyeshadow Palette

Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette - My Go To Eyeshadow Palette

I have to admit I do have quite a few eyeshadow palettes as anyone reading this blog will know. I have some that I use for special applications such as the Urban Decay Electric Pigment Palette. This is a great palette, but let's face it, most of us don’t wear these bright colours on a regular basis, but it is great for the occasional bold look or when I’m doing a fantasy look. I also have several other palettes from the likes of Kat Von D, Urban Decay, Laura Mercier and a few others thrown in, so what are the palettes that I return to on a daily basis? 

Well, that would be two palettes that I call my go to palettes or my holy grails. They are the Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette and the Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist's Palette. Both offer a great range of neutral shades and in the case of the Laura Mercier palette it also has some pretty purple shades that I really love. They can both be used to create a complete eye look without the use of other palettes, so great if you are travelling. I recently went away for a week and took my Laura Mercier palette and it was perfect for any look I needed, be it daytime or an evening look. You will find my review of the Laura Mercier palette here, so this post will concentrate on the Kat Von D palette. 

Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette: 

I have never done a review of this palette as let's face it, there are lots of them available on the web, but for the sake of this article, I will do a mini review.

First off the palette case is black with the palette name on the top and the reverse has the shade names. I would prefer the names to be on the top, but at least they are actually on the palette. It has a magnetic clasp that seems to work pretty well: I have never had it open unexpectedly. Inside you have nine smaller pans (1.1g each) and three larger pans (2.3g each). As you can see from the photo, my palette has had some use!

For me, the best thing about this palette is that all shades are matte. There’s not a single shimmer in here and the shades are divided into quads of neutral, cool and warm shades, so something for everyone. Some of the shades, mainly highlight shades, do have a slight sheen which is perfect. It also comes with an info sheet showing you how to use the shades to “contour” your eyes. Each quad has a base, contour, define and highlight shade and are designed to be used together to form your look. However, I personally often mix and match the quads to suit my mood for that day. How naughty of me!

So onto the colours. All swatches are used on top of Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer.

Neutral Quad (left)

The base shade is called Laetus and is described as a “creamy nude.” I use this one a lot as you can tell by the photo. It is my goto base shade for not just this palette, but others too. It wears well and blends well.

The contour shade is Samael and is a “dusty fawn” or medium brown. Solas is the define shade and is described as an “espresso brown.” I call it dark brown with a reddish hint. Finally, the highlight shade is Lucious which is described as “soft beige” which I suppose pretty much describes it. I also find it has a slight sheen to it, so great for highlighting. 

Cool Quad (middle)

Lazarus is described as a “cool taupe” and is the base shade in this quad. I would say it is a taupe but with grey tones too. The contour shade is Saleos which is described as “smoky brown.” I would call it dark taupe and it is one of my faves, but it does have a little fallout, but nothing much. Next is Shax, described as “jet black” and is the define shade. I use this as eyeliner as well as blending with other shades to darken, but it does have fallout. Lastly in this quad is the highlight “pinkish ivory” shades called Liberatus. This is another I use quite often to define the brow and highlight.

Warm Quad (right)

Ludwin is the “peachy bronze” base shade which I would call a pale peach. Although a base shade in this palette, I have used it as a main colour for certain looks and it works well. The contour shade is Succubus a “rich rust” or coppery brown as I call it. It’s a beautiful shade, but a little too warm for me personally. The define shade is Sytry a “chocolate brown” which I tend to use a lot. Both contour and define shades in this quad have a little fallout. Finally the highlight shade is Latinus which is described as “golden bisque.” I’m not sure what bisque is, but I’m going with beige with yellow tones and slight sheen. This is another of my favourite shades that I use with this and other palettes. 

As one of my goto palettes, I use it a lot and find that all the shades last a long time (8+ hours) and blend beautifully. They all feel very smooth and are easy to use and are well pigmented. My only small annoyance is that some of the shades do have a little fallout and with the exception of the neutral quad which doesn’t seem to have any, both the warm and cool quads have fallout for the define and contour shades. As long as you are careful and aware of this there is no problem. I either do eyes before face or if I do face first I simply use a large powder brush to swipe the fallout off the face. 

I am sure this palette will be around for many years to come as it is a firm favourite with so many people. I have no doubt I will repurchase this when the time comes. If I happen to hear rumors that this palette is being discontinued, I will definately be buying another before it disappears. 

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