Kryolan Eye Shadow Compact V1 interferenz Review, Swatches & Photos

Kryolan Eye Shadow Compact V1 interferenz Review, Swatches & Photos

I have previously mentioned and reviewed Kryolan eyeshadow palettes as I feel they are a great addition to any makeup addicts collection. Traditionally thought of as a professional brand, they are priced so that anyone can enjoy their quality.

This palette is the V1 interferenz version which has a wide variety of shades all edging towards the pastel range. There are 18 shades in total and they are very pretty and of excellent quality.

If I’m honest I almost forgot about this palette. I have quite a few palettes (slight understatement) and although I use this one, it is not one of my go to palettes, well not until now. Although I have had this palette quite a while, I realised that I had never reviewed it, so that’s exactly what I decided to do. Having done so, it made me realise just what a lovely palette this is and what great shades it includes. It will, from now on, feature more readily in my everyday looks. 

So, first off, the actual palette is nothing to write home about, it is plain and simple without any wasted space, unless you include the brush that is. The casing is silver and it comes in a silver box. Because it is a professional palette it doesn't come with any airs or graces. 

There are three rows of eight pans and as I mentioned before they are mostly pastels with a few slightly deeper shades on the bottom row. They are all shimmers, with some being slightly more shimmery than others. All without exception apply beautifully with no fallout and give great colour.

All the swatches were done using a brush and the top half of the swatch is over primer, with the bottom on bare skin. The primer I used was Body Shop Instablur.

Top Row

This top row is full of such beautiful pastels, you just cannot find fault with them. I have tried to take a couple of photos in slightly different lights, but the photos really do not do them justice. They are all very shimmery and all work better over primer, unless you are looking for that more subtle look. Ideal mermaid shades I feel!

Middle Row

This row is more towards the browns and orange, but are still pastels. This row works just as well on primer or not for some reason. Again all apply smoothly and are of the prettiest shades. 

Bottom Row

This is the most colourful row and although still edging towards pastels, these shades are much more vibrant and although there is a difference between primed and unprimed skin the difference is not so noticeable. 

I really cannot fault this palette. All the shades are of the quality you would expect from a professional range and none had any fallout or kickback. Although primer brings out the best in the shades, they can be used without. The colour payoff is excellent and as I said, this palette is now being promoted in my everyday collection as it has clearly been neglected for far too long. 

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