Laura Mercier Eye-Art Caviar Color-Inspired Palette Review, Swatches and Photos

Laura Mercier Eye-Art Caviar Color-Inspired Palette Review, Swatches and Photos

I am a big fan of Laura Mercier products and loved her last Eye Art Artist’s palette, so when I saw this one I grabbed it straight away. I have been using it for a week now and this is what I think of it.

First off the box is very similar to her last palette, bright silver with an image of the palette on it. 

Inside, the palette case has a snakeskin look in taupes and golds and is very tactile to the touch. It comes with a magnetic clasp which is pretty strong, so shouldn’t accidentally come open. Inside there is a large mirror that fills the lid and 12 shadows that are inspired by the Caviar Stick Eye Colour which are a favorite amongst many. There is no brush, but as I always use my own this is not an issue for me. 

There are two rows of 6 shades in both cool and warm tones. Now, one thing that I noticed straight away, and found a little annoying, is that the shade names are not on the top of the palette under each pan as they are on the Artist’s palette. Instead they are on a label stuck under the palette. I much prefer to be able to see the names in full view, but it is just a small niggle.

Top row left to right: All swatches on top of NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base.

Rosegold: This is described as a lustre shade which it totally is. In fact, the title really does sum up the shade of a pretty gold with a rose lustre. It could be used as a highlighter and is a very pretty colour with no fallout and blends well.

Tuxedo: This is a matte black and is a great addition to this palette as it can be used as an eyeliner or to darken other colours. It has no fallout and blends well.

Ginger: Another matte shade, this time, a pale apricot shade which again blends well.

Morning Dew: A soft matte shade would be great as a highlighter, particularly on pale skins or could be used as a base colour. Once again it blends well and has no fallout.

Copper: A beautiful lustre shade in coppery gold which blends superbly and has no fallout. 

Ganache: A matte brown with reddish tones. Absolutely no fallout and goes on beautifully and blends well.

Bottom row left to right

Butter Cream: A matte cream shade with a slight pink undertone. Great as a base colour or brow highlight. Once again, no fallout and great blending.

Khaki: This is the only shade described as sateen in the palette. It is a lovely taupe and one of my favourite shades in the palette as it cooler toned and blends beautifully.

Sandglow: A lustre shade that looks very yellow in the pan but actually goes on more soft gold. Very blendable and no fallout.

Steel: This is a matte shade that is hard to put a colour to. It looks like a deep slate blue in the pan, but on my skin looked more black. However if you put Tuxedo next to it you can see the difference of it having a more blue tone. This is the only shade in which I experienced significant fallout.

Amethyst: This is a lustre shade, but I do not understand the name. To me amethyst is purple and this is definitely not purple. It is more of a coppery rose shade. It is however a very lovely shade and another of my palette favourites. It blends great and there is no fallout.

Burnished Bronze: This final shade is a lustre and is a slightly deeper version of Copper. 

If feel whilst writing this that I am repeating “blends well” and “no fallout” a lot, but it is true of all but one of the shades. They all go together brilliantly, blend beautifully and other that Steel, there is no fallout.  

As for their staying power, they are second to none. On Canada Day (July 1st) I applied my makeup at 7:30 am using this palette and due to the day’s activities I did not remove my makeup until 11 pm and my eyeshadow was still in perfect order. I used my usual NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, but other than that there was no setting sprays or anything at it all stayed in place brilliantly.

I cannot praise this palette enough and like the Artist’s palette it has beautiful, versatile shades that are a dream to work with. This will be another of my go to palettes. I probably won’t use it as much as the Artist’s palette as that really is my fave, but it comes a close second. Well done Laura Mercier once again. 

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