Marcelle Hydra-C Ultra-Light Matifying Fluid Review - Truly a Game Changer

Marcelle Hydra-C Ultra-Light Matifying Fluid Review - Truly a Game Changer

Because I have very oily skin, I am always on the lookout for any product that will reduce my shine. I usually find that only a couple of hours after applying my makeup, regardless of the products used I am shiny again and my forehead can look like an oil slick after several hours. This is very annoying, so when I come across a product that promises to reduce this problem, I am all ears.

I use lots of mattifying products and have found a happy medium whereby my oiliness is reduced with the right combination of products, but nothing takes it away completely. For the record, I usually use either Temptu Airbrush foundation or Kat Von D Lock-it foundation, both of which work really well. 

I am a fan of Marcelle products, but had not used their Hydra-C range as I associated the name with moisture and that seems to go against the whole getting rid of oiliness theme. However, I came across a few reviews which seemed to praise this product, so I thought “what the heck” what’s the worst that can happen - I regret paying the $24 CND (1.6 fl oz 50 ml) the product costs. But, hey, I have a whole cupboard full of those types of products!

This is what Marcelle says

“This invisible mattifying fluid, enriched with hyaluronic acid, acts as a breathable barrier to protect against harsh pollutants, nourish the skin, normalize oil absorption and reduce sebum production. Completely shine-free, the skin is left feeling incredibly soft, deeply hydrated and regenerated.

The formula, rich in antioxidants, vitamins C, E and B5, Aloe vera and cucumber extract, restores the skin’s natural protective barrier and reduces irritation caused by sun exposure, pollution, and the environment.

What did I think of Marcelle Hydra-C Ultra-Light Matifying Fluid?


It comes in a box and inside you will find a pump action container with a clear lid. It looks really nice and classy - well I think so. The fluid itself is peach in colour and the pump allows just enough product at a time so that you will not waste any, but enough that you can cover a good proportion of face before needing to pump again.

Although I have not used very much, the bottle looks like one of those that will rise up at the bottom as the product reduces, but I may be wrong.

Actual use

Well, I went into this test phase with pessimistic thoughts. I just thought - more hype for a product that will never tackle my oil slick skin. Like all similar products I have tried I really wanted it to work because after all, I just entered my 50’s and I still have oily skin, there’s something wrong with that picture!

The instructions say to apply in the morning on cleansed skin, which is exactly what I did. You can use this under makeup or on its own.

The first few times I used it I did as instructed and used in on my face in the morning then applied my makeup as usual. I did not use a primer as I guessed this would act in a similar way. I definitely saw that my forehead did not get quite as oily as before, however, it did nothing to help my foundation stay in place, or diminish my pores, so I guess it doesn’t act as a primer after all. Please note that this was just my assumption as nowhere on the product does it state it is a primer.

So after trying this method of application and not seeing great results I changed to using it with my usual face primer on top (Too Faced Primed & Poreless). Well, now we're talking! Even on the first day of using this method I saw a dramatic difference. I applied my makeup at 7am and even by 3pm my forehead was showing no signs of oiliness. I have never had this happen before. Even when I removed my makeup at 7pm, there were only minor signs of oiliness - a miracle!


I have now been using Hydra-C Ultra-Light Matifying Fluid for two weeks under primer and it has totally transformed my face. I can easily wear makeup for 12 hours and see very little oiliness. It’s not completely gone, but honestly, I cannot express how much I love this product and how much more confidence in my skin I feel.

My skin feels better and I don’t get that greasy feeling when I touch my forehead and I don’t look like I could fry eggs on my face either! You might laugh, but for anyone who has very oily skin, words cannot express how great it is to feel comfortable in your skin again. 

When I remove my makeup in the evening and cleanse my face, I find that my forehead is oily again after an hour or so, just like it always has been, so I made the decision to apply this after I’ve removed my makeup and cleansed my skin in the evening as well. Again, dramatic results, no more greasy, shiny skin.

You see tons of products that claim to be miracle workers or have miracle in their name, but this one truly deserves the accolade, even though it actually doesn’t mention miracles anywhere. I am officially going to marry this product and order it by the bucket load! Anyone reading this who has very oily skin, please give it a try. It might not work for you as it has for me, after all, we are all different, but this has probably been the most life-changing product I have used on my skin in years. I can honestly say, if they suddenly put the price up to $100 per bottle, I would still buy it, I am that in love! But please Marcelle, don’t do that! 

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