NYX Dusk Til Dawn Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

NYX Dusk Til Dawn Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

Although I am a huge fan of NYX as a brand and use many of their products including concealers, blush, lipstick etc, I have never tried out their eyeshadows. I don’t know why this is the case, but I thought I had better correct this issue and so purchased the Dusk Til Dawn palette. 

The first thing I should mention, is my annoyance at there only being one L in Til, obviously there should be two, but this is just my personal gripe. Anyway, onto the palette itself. This is part of the NYX Dream Catcher palette sets, of which there are three. 

The Dusk til Dawn palette comes in a plastic case that is a smoky pink colour. The latch is good, so it's not going to come open accidentally and it has clear space on the top so you can see the eyeshadow shades without opening the palette. Strangely, the shadows have names according to their website, but the palette itself has no names mentioned either inside the palette or on the back. 

So, let’s take a look inside. There are ten shadows in both matte and shimmer shades and they form two rows of five. In my swatches you will see that I have swatched on both naked skin and eyeshadow primer to show the difference that this can make with these particular shadows. The top half of the swatches are on top of Too Faced Shadow Insurance and the bottom of the swatches on naked skin. 

The Top Row l-r

Violet Smoke: This is a deep violet shade that is a shimmer, but overall is very matte. It has very good color payoff both on the primed skin as well as the naked skin. There is a little fallout, but nothing too worrying. It is very soft and blends well.

Light Gold: As its name suggests, this is indeed a light gold and is a shimmery shade. The colour payoff is good, but better using primer. I did not experience any fallout with this and again it is very smooth and soft and blends well.

Shimmery Nude: This is a very pale base shade that does have a shimmer. The colour payoff is good, but on my pale skin doesn’t show up too well on the swatch. Once again it blends well and forms a good base coat for other shades. 

Shimmery Rose: I’m really not sure where they get the colour rose from, as I would class this more of a light copper/gold. It has great colour payoff, more so with primed skin and there is no fallout. 

Gold Taupe: This is a matte taupe and is an excellent shade that works well with all the other shadows in the palette. It is very smooth and blends very well with no fallout. The colour payoff is good both on primed and unprimed skin.

Bottom Row (l-r)

Deep Brown: I would prefer to call this a rich brown that is shimmery and has reddish undertones. It has great colour payoff on both primed and unprimed skin and no fallout.

Grey Brown: This is a very pretty coppery brown that blends beautifully with no fallout. It does have better colour payoff when used on a primer. 

Smokey Pink: When you look at this you don’t see pink, but once applied it does indeed have a shimmery pink to it which is very pretty. Again this blends beautifully and has no fallout. 

Charcoal: I don’t get the reference to charcoal with this shade. It is deep brown in my opinion. It has a much better colour payoff when used over primer. It blends well and has very little fallout. 

Black: This is a deep matte black that works on both primed and unprimed skin, but has a much deeper shade on primer. It blends well so can be used to deepen other colour shades and I also used it as a liner very successfully. It does have some fallout, so be aware of this.

Overall I am very pleasantly surprised by this palette. As it was only $20 CND I really wasn't expecting too much, especially compared to my many high-end palettes, but it really stood up well. The shades compliment each other and although there is a bias towards shimmers, they are subtle so can be worn by most people. The shades all performed well, lasting around 7-8 hours before starting to fade (over primer). They also blended well and had good colour payoff. 

I would have no hesitation in recommending this palette and it would be a great starter palette for anyone experimenting with makeup. I am now going to purchase the other two palettes in this range: Golden Horizons and Stormy Skies. If they match the quality of Dusk Til Dawn, I will be a happy bunny. 

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