Sephora Collection Mixology Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

Sephora Collection Mixology Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

When I first saw the promotion for this palette I Knew I wanted it. It looked like it had all the shades that I normally gravitate towards in one nice palette. I have been disappointed in the past by the quality of Sephora eyeshadows, so I was hoping this would live up to my expectations.

First of all, I had to wait for this palette. It appeared on the website, but not on the Canadian site. I waited and waited, but still no sign of it. Why not get it in store, I hear you shout. Well, my nearest store is a 150 km round trip, so I was willing to wait until it appeared on the site. Well, eventually it did appear and as quickly added to my shopping cart. 

When I received it a few days later, I couldn't wait to get it out and try it. Now, normally I always photograph my products before I use them, so that I have nice clean images for my blog, but not this time. This time, I was like a woman possessed. I’m not sure why this palette had this hold over me, but I’m only human!

At first glance, this palette has everything you need. A good range of shades that are set out in Venn diagrams, yes that's right Venn diagrams! There is a mixture of mattes and shimmers and although they are set out to be used in sets of three, you can of course mix and match them as you want, definitely living up to its Mixology name. The palette costs $43 CND/$35 USD, so a very good price for this number of shades.

As we all remember from school, Venn diagrams have two overlapping circles with the centre section where the two overlap being the common element. In this palette, we have six Venn diagrams of eyeshadow. Basically, the left circle is your base shade (or highlight), the right shade is the crease shade and the centre interlocking shade is the transition shade - genius! But does it work?

I have done swatches using a brush with the top of the swatch over Body Shop Instablur primer and the bottom of the swatch on bare skin. They are done from left to right, top row first, then bottom.

Mixology Venn 1

This is the lightest set in the palette and has three peachy shades. The left and middle shades are matte and the right a shimmer. All apply smoothly and work slightly better over primer. 

Mixology Venn 2

This set has a very pale matte base shade that doesn’t show too well on my skin on the swatch. The centre shade is a shimmer that is a dark green with gold flecks. The right shade is a gold shimmer. All apply smoothly, but I find the middle shade to have a lot of fallout. The gold also has some fallout, but not too much.

Mixology Venn 3

These are more metallic shades, with the left shimmer being taupey gold and the right shade a silver shimmer. The centre is a matte black which I always find useful in a palette to use as an eyeliner, or to set liner. There is fallout with all these shades. 

Mixology Venn 4

This set has a lovely pink matte as the base shade and a deep, mauve/brown shade in the center which is also matte. The right shade is a slightly lighter, shimmery version of the centre shade. This is one of my favorite set of the palette and they all blend well and compliment beautifully. I have not had fallout issues with this set.

Mixology Venn 5

This set is your classic browns with a matte buff shade as the base shade, a matte taupe with warm tones in the centre and a warm shimmery brown/red to the right. No fallout issues with these and all blend nicely.

Mixology Venn 6

This is the cooler version of the previous set with a simmer as the base shade and the right shade and the centre shade a matte. I had slight fallout with the middle matte shade, but the shimmers were fine. 


My Thoughts

I know I wanted and waited for this palette, I’m not sure it has lived up to my expectations. On one hand I love it. There are lots of shades to enjoy and I love the layout being so different. Most of the colours are nice and apply well. They all blend well too. On the other hand there is quite a bit of fall out with many of the shades as well as some kickback in the palette. 

Most of the shades lasted well, even with my oily lids, but I have to use primer. Most of the shades work much better with primer, having better colour payoff and slightly less fallout. 

I was also thinking that this palette is great as a travel palette as it has lots of shades allowing you to create many different looks with just the one palette. The fact that it has plenty of base shades as well as a black is also a bonus. However, it is a large palette approximately 7” x 4”, so from that point of view, perhaps not such a good travel palette. 

So, I remain having mixed feeling over my Mixology palette. I will keep using it and I particularly like the right shade in the Venn 5 set and I like all he Venn 4 set, but overall, I have to say it has disappointed me a little. But then next week I might love it all over again…...

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