Sephora VIB Rouge Haul: Clinique, Smashbox, Huda Beauty & Alterna

Sephora VIB Rouge Haul: Clinique, Smashbox, Huda Beauty & Alterna

Yes, it's that time of year when we all show off our Sephora hauls and although this haul of mine is pretty small, I thought I'd share it anyway.


Anyone into makeup knows that November is the time to buy from Sephora because it's discount time! Yeeahh! VIB's and VIB Rouge members got 20% discount and Insiders got 15%. I am Rouge this year, so was looking forward to getting my shopping cart loaded with items. The trouble was, I was really struggling to find things that I really wanted.

I tend to put things into my cart in readiness for the sale, several weeks ahead of time. Sure enough, this time a month ago I had nearly $1k CND items in my basket. So why did I only end up spending $80? Well, here is my secret.

As I said, when I find things I think I might want, I add them to my cart. Over a few weeks, I soon have quite a few items. This time of year especially, there are lots of new palettes etc coming out, so as I see one I like, I just add it to my cart. 

Then a week or so before the sale I take a look at my cart again and realise there are several items I really don't need or are close dupes to others, so I remove them. I then leave the cart and don't look at it for a few days. Then I go back again and this time I really look at the things I have left. Do I really need that palette or that lipstick. Well, of course, the answer is no, I don't NEED it, but do I really want it. Why do I want it? 

I don't know about you, but sometimes I find myself wanting something simply because a lot of others have it, or everyone is raving about it. One case in point is the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette. The first time I saw the palette and wrote about it on this blog, I knew it wasn't a palette for me. The shades simply weren't ones that I would reach for, so I resisted it. However, the urge to buy was real because everyone and their dog was telling me it was the greatest palette ever to visit planet earth. I felt I should buy it and yes, it did end up in my cart this time around, but did I end up buying it? No, because I put on my sensible head and knew I really did not need it.

So, I'm afraid the items I ended up with for my sale haul were rather limited. In fact, I only ended up with three palettes and some rewards gifts. I'm not even sure that I will keep all these palettes, but I'll make that decision in the next few weeks.


So, after all my waffling, what did I actually buy?

Smashbox Photo Strip Eye Shadow Palette $27 CND

This palette made it to checkout, simply because it looked pretty and seemed to have a nice range of shades. I had added the Tarte Toasted palette but thought it might not be a range of shades that I would use very much. This palette seemed to have some of those shades, but also a few others which were on the purple and pink side, which I like, so I bought it. 

Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions Palette $35 CND

This palette and it's three other Obsessions sisters really caught my eye. I love purples and this looked like a very nice range of shades, so I went right into my cart and I never considered removing it. I did have all four Obsessions palettes in my cart at one point but slowly removed them. My reasoning is, if I love the mauve, then I may buy a couple of the others in the future. However the others are in shades that I already have, so I'm not so bothered about them.

Clinique Sweet as Honey Eyeshadow Palette $44 CND

My love of purples prompted this purchase. I have had Clinique eyeshadows before with mixed results, so I wasn't too sure about this one. But as it was reasonably priced I decided to go for it and if I found it wasn't for me I could return it. Hopefully, that won't be the case.

So, all in all, my total was $106 CND, but with the discount, it came to $84, which for three palettes it pretty good value. I will use the palettes over the next week or so and then review them individually in the future.

The other items in my cart were freebies.

I decided to cash in 1,000 of my points and got the following:

Alterna Caviar Anti-Ageing Haircare Set (500 points)


This is a set of haircare products that are of a reasonable size. You get a shampoo and conditioner and two hair treatments. I photographed them with a quarter to give scale.

Clinique Pep & Pout Set (500 points)


I have to say the products inside the box were a little disappointing in size!

The two lipsticks were nice shades and the one which looked really dark didn't actually appear that way on the lips.In fact, it was very pale, which is fine with me.

I also received a few samples which included a Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation, Too Faced Born This Way Foundation and a Don't Dispair, Repair hair conditioner from Briogeo.

Overall, I'm quite proud of myself. I didn't go mad, I didn't buy things I didn't need - yes I needed these palettes! I could have spent a small fortune, but I restrained myself. I am also quite proud that as of January I will be demoted to a Sephora VIB and will lose my Rouge status. It was nice while it lasted, but all good things must come to an end, and my bank manager says this is the time for me! 

I'm on a no buy now until at least after Christmas - just don't hold me to that will you?

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