My Shoppers Drug Mart Makeover Review

My Shoppers Drug Mart Makeover Review

In Canada, one of the main stores selling cosmetics products is Shoppers Drug Mart and a couple of times a year they hold a gala which not only raises money for breast cancer charities but also allows customers to buy beauty gift bags and have makeovers at very reasonable prices. I decided to put myself on the other side of the makeup brush and have a makeover myself.

By paying just $10 you receive a gift bag which contains several cosmetic items as well as a $5 coupon towards the purchase of cosmetics or fragrance on the day of the gala. Five of the ten dollars goes towards breast cancer charities, so it is a great offer. As part of the day, you can book a makeup session with one of the resident makeup artists, which is what I did. I received four items in my gift bag:

  • Covergirl Smoochies Sizzle Gloss in shade 550 (13 ml)
  • NeoStrata All-in-one Cleansing Milk sample (5 ml)
  • Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in Bon Bon (11 ml)
  • Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in Petal Power (11 ml)

When I arrived for my makeover I was asked to sit on a stool in the middle of the cosmetics section and the artist asked what look I wanted. I said I wanted a full makeup with smokey eye, contour etc. I also asked if she could give me a list of the products she used in case I wanted to purchase any after, which she agreed. She then went off to get some products and when she returned she started preparing a primer, but at this point had not asked me any questions about my skin or any concerns that I had. (This is the first thing I ask a client before starting any makeup.) 

So as not to get the wrong products, I volunteered that my skin was very oily and that I had a problem with my makeup staying on and looking oily even after just a few hours. I also mentioned that although my skin was fine, my eyes can be very sensitive. She acknowledged this and began by applying a primer all over my face with a brush. She then asked if I had ever used Lise Watier products, I said no and she explained that they were a Canadian brand that was cruelty-free and had a special line for anti-ageing that she would use.

 Before I went into the store I took a photo of myself with no makeup on - horror warning!!!!! The first is in my dressing room and the second in my car, so you can see different lighting. Obviously I look terrible in both, but hey, that’s life, I'm 50!

Before I went into the store I took a photo of myself with no makeup on - horror warning!!!!! The first is in my dressing room and the second in my car, so you can see different lighting. Obviously I look terrible in both, but hey, that’s life, I'm 50!

After applying a couple of foundation test strips down the side of my cheek to my neck and deciding on the correct shade, she put dabs of foundation over my face and blended with a brush. This was followed by cream concealer under my eyes which was blended, then cream contour and highlight to various areas of my face were added. This was blended in with a brush explaining that I should brush the cheeks upwards when blending contour. I said that I normally use a powder contour (Kat Von D Shade & Light) due to my oily skin and she said cream contour should not be an issue if sealed with a powder, which she then did. After this she applied bronzer, saying I should apply using a figure 3 as a guide (across brow, along side of eyes, in towards the cheek and down edge of face and back across the chin.) After bronzer more powder was applied, then, it was on to the eyes. 

I had asked for a smokey eye as I thought it slightly more taxing than a neutral eye. She started by asking what colour I wanted and I asked for her suggestion. As I was wearing a purple dress, she suggested purple, which was fine with me. Primer was applied over my eyelids followed by taupe eyeshadow above my crease and then a purple over my lid. She then said she wanted to do a cat’s eye. I replied that I don’t do cats eye very often as I have hooded eyes and my crease actually extends below where the flick sits and therefore makes it very hard to get a good, even flick. She said that wasn’t a problem, however, about six attempts later she was still trying to get the flick right, but in the end she did it, stating, “I see what you mean, that was really hard.”

She asked if I wanted false lashes, I said no as my lashes are quite long anyway and I wear glasses so if they are any longer they rub against the lenses which is annoying. She then rather gingerly curled my lashes and applied mascara stating that she finds it hard to curl lashes and apply mascara to other people. One huge thing I noticed was that she used the wand from the mascara on me and not a disposable spoolie. This is something that to a makeup artist is a complete no-no. As she had already applied one coat before I realised I didn’t say anything, but had I have noticed before she started I would have insisted she use a disposable. 

Next she tackled my lips by applying a lip pencil around the edges of my lips and then filling in the rest. She then applied lipstick, but thought she had the wrong shade, so took it off and applied another shade which she also removed. She asked what shade I normally wear and I showed her a soft pink neutral that I had in my bag and then she found another shade which she applied and was happy with. It turned out this was nothing like the shade I showed her! 

She seemed to be finished, but I couldn't recollect her doing my brows, so I asked her if she had done them and she said no not yet. It was clear she had forgotten them until I mentioned it. Referencing the fact that my brows are very pale she didn’t think she had a suitable brow shade, but did find a pencil which she was happy with.

Once I was finished, she thanked me and I asked her if I could have the list of products I asked for. She said yes and could I come back in 20 minutes to give her time to write it out, which I did. (List at end of post)

Once I got back into my car I was able to take a proper look at the makeup and I have to say I was pretty disappointed overall. First of all the foundation was several shades too dark for me which you can clearly see from the photos. I was already starting to see shine coming through, even after a short time since application. 

 After the makeover: clearly a vast improvement from the naked me, but I am not completely happy with the result. You can clearly see that the foundation shade is completely wrong for me. These were taken in my car straight after leaving the store.

After the makeover: clearly a vast improvement from the naked me, but I am not completely happy with the result. You can clearly see that the foundation shade is completely wrong for me. These were taken in my car straight after leaving the store.

A close up of my eye and lips: I was quite happy with the overall eye makeup, although she only used two shades, taupe and purple. I would normally use several shades for a smokey eye, but it looked fine. I thought the lips looked a little odd as she did not extend my top lip which is very thin. The cupids bow was done nicely, but I would have preferred her to have made my lip a little fuller looking to even them out. 

These next photos were taken once I got home and you can clearly see that I am starting to get some shine coming through. Clearly, the foundation was not formulated for oily skin even though I had made a point of letting her know I had very oily skin. 

After three hours my makeup was sliding off and was looking very patchy especially around my nose and forehead area. Also, my eyeshadow was starting to crease. 

Although the artist herself was very pleasant and did explain how to use some of the products, I felt that she was quite nervous and if she hadn’t told me she had been an artist for four years, I would have thought I was one of her first clients. I feel that the products that were used were not suitable for my skin type. This is a silly thing to do as I came away with a whole list of products that I should have wanted to buy after a makeover, but because of these issues I wouldn't buy any of them. Just think how much money the store is losing out on, just from me alone!

My rating:
Artist friendliness: 9/10
Choice of eye and lip colour: 8/10
Foundation shade match: 2/10
Appropriateness of products: 5/10
Overall: 5/10

Overall the whole experience was just okay. I paid $10 and definitely got more than $10 of products and service, especially bearing in mind that half of the money goes to charity, so it really only cost $5. Would I do it again? Yes! I am quite pleased with my gift bag products and although this artist wasn’t the best, I would be willing to try a different artist next time. As a makeup artist myself, it is always good to experience your services from the client's point of view as you can learn so much. It was a shame in my instance it was more of not what to do, but I’m glad I did it. I am now thinking of getting makeovers at other places to compare service and products, so watch out for more makeover reviews in the future. 

Let me know if you’ve ever had a makeover done, I’d love to hear about your experiences!

Product List: Most of the items were from the Lise Watier range.
Primer: Lise Watier (LW) Base Mineral Pore Minimizing Primer
Foundation: LW Age Control Supreme - Porceline
Concealer: LW Age Control Supreme - Clair & Shiseido Perfecting Stick - Natural Light 22
Contour: LW Portfolio Professional Correctors
Powder: LW Mineral Compact Powder - Natural
Highlight: LW Menage A Trois Blush Powder Trio - Rose
Bronzer: LW Havana Bronzing Powder - Light
Blush: LW Blush-on - Terre de Soleil
Eyeshadow: LW Simply Nudes Palette & LW Solo - Raisin
Eye Primer: Elizabeth Arden Advanced Eye-fix Primer
Eyeliner: LW Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil - Noir Intense & Lancome Grandiose Liner Liquid - Black
Mascara: LW 24 Hours Glam - Noir
Brows: LW Double Definition Automatic Brow Liner - Blonde & Gosh Defining Brow Gel - Clear
Lips: LW Baiser Satin - Bubbly Kiss

Over $500 CND of products had I have purchased them all!

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