Studio Makeup On-The-Go Cool Down Eyeshadow Palette from November Boxycharm Review and Swatches

Studio Makeup On-The-Go Cool Down Eyeshadow Palette from November Boxycharm Review and Swatches

I was really pleased to receive this palette in my very first Boxycharm box. At first look, the shades are exactly the shades I love with a mix of neutrals and pink/purples, so I was eager to try this out and report back.

I have now been using this palette exclusively for the past week, and can now give a full and honest review. First off, the packaging is simple but nice. It comes in a small square matte-black cardboard palette which has city names embossed in gloss on the top. The palette is just over four inches square and inside you will find nine eyeshadow pans. There is no mirror included with this palette, but as this palette is marketed as an on-the-go palette it would seem natural to have included one, but no! There are no brushes or applicators either, but I always use my own so this is not an issue for me personally. 

The pans are laid out in three rows of three, and the shades get progressively darker as you travel down the palette to the last row from left to right. There are four mattes and the rest are shimmers. 

Swatches: The top half of each swatch is on primer (Body Shop Instablur) and the bottom half is on bare skin. There are no shade names on this palette, so starting from the left of each row….

Top Row

Left: This is a very pale pink shimmer that goes on beautifully and is particularly vibrant on top of primer. I tended to use this as a brow bone highlighter. It lasts really well, a good 7-8 hours and blends well, no fallout and has good pigmentation on primer, less so on bare skin.

Middle: This is a more neutral matte pink that works well as a base shade. Although it works well on both primed and unprimed skin, it definitely has more payoff and lasts longer on primed. There was no fallout and it went on smoothly.

Right: This is a beautiful shimmer shade that is more of an apricot. It is very buttery and goes on like a charm and blends well. It is very pigmented and last well, especially on primer and has no fallout.

Middle Row

Left: Very pretty shimmery shade that is hard to describe. I suppose it is apricot/mauve. I really have no word for it, but it is pretty and blends really well. Great on both primed and unprimed skin, but lasted longer on primed. I did experience a little fallout with this shade as it is quite glittery, but not too much. 

Middle: This is the second matte shade and is a light taupe which let's face it you can’t go wrong with. This shade works much better on primed skin as it gives a much better colour payoff and lasts much longer. It has no fallout and blends well.

Right: Another shimmer, this time a shinier taupe with mauve undertones. A very pretty shade that works well with the other shades in the palette. It goes on smoothly and blends nicely. I did get some fallout, but on only a little.

Bottom Row

Left: This is a deep mauve matte shade that again works much better on primed skin. It has good colour playoff and it blends well. I didn’t get any fallout and it lasted well.

Middle: This is my favourite shade out of the palette as it is a shimmer that verges on duo chrome. It isn't a true duo chrome, but if you catch it in the right light it shimmers between taupe, mauve and gold. It is very buttery and works best on primed skin as on bare skin you completely lose the effect and it becomes a pale taupe.

Right: This is a matte deep brown with black tones. It is not dark enough to be called black, but it does work well as a liner or for darkening the other shades. It had a little fallout, but not too much and again works better on primed skin.


Overall I am very pleased with this palette. The shadows are all very buttery and apply like a dream. They all blend well and all last a good 7-8 hours when used over primed skin. There was a small amount of fallout on a couple of shades, but nothing to worry about.

This palette retails at $49.95 USD and I would definitely be prepared to pay this, but the fact I got this as part of my Boxycharm box for just $21, along with four other items is just a bargain. 

I would really like to purchase other products, particularly eye palettes from Studio Makeup but I found out they do not ship to Canada, so until they do I guess I will have to make do with this one. This palette will definitely feature in my most-used palettes as it has just the right shades that make me happy. 

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