The Brush Bar and Brush Board Review With Photos & Discount Code

The Brush Bar and Brush Board Review With Photos & Discount Code

I was recently asked to try out a new makeup product called The Brush Bar and its companion, The Brush Board. This is a makeup brush cleaning duo and after checking it out on their website readily agreed. This is my honest and unbiased review.


I received the package in a padded envelope and inside were two long velour cases with pull cord tops. One was black and one was green. Inside the green bag was the Brush Board and the black one contained the Brush Bar. The packaging was very nice with the company logo embossed on the front.

The Brush Board

This is a green plastic board with three sections on each side and a hole at one end which can be used for added grip. You simply apply your preferred brush cleaner, add a little water and swirl the brush against the surfaces. 

The first surface has larger cylinder peaks which I used first to clean my brush. You then move on to the second triangular peak section which gives a deeper clean and the final section has pointed cones which and more densely situated and offer more cleaning options.

The reverse of the board again has three sections. One with prisms for a medium scrub, one with ridges that can be used as a scrubber or scraper, as can the last wavy section.

I used this board with a variety of my brushes, different brands, types, shapes, and sizes and it worked beautifully. I was able to clean all my brushed very quickly and effectively. I never felt that my brushes were being damaged by the product and I was very pleased with the results.

The Brush Bar

The second part of this cleaning duo is the Brush Bar. Initially, it looks just like a long black box. However, you open it and tip it so the prongs fall out and then reclose and suddenly you have a great brush hanger. 


I was really surprised at how well made this product felt. The case is matte black and has a lovely soft feel to it. Call me crazy, but I just wanted to stroke it! The prongs are various sizes to accommodate different brush sizes and are like little pincers made of wire with black plastic caps on the end. 

The idea is that you wash your brushes on the Brush Board then hang them to dry on the Brush Bar. The bar fits over sinks, vanities etc. I had mine overhanging my bathroom sink where I washed my brushes. It sat perfectly and is weighted, so will not tip or fall over. In fact it weighs 300g, so pretty sturdy. By hanging your brush head down you will lessen the chance of water getting into the ferrule, loosening the glue and ruining your brush.

The Brush Bar holds 10 brushes, which I know you will say is not a lot, but the company does sell the product in multiples, so you could buy several, or just do a few brushes at a time.

Once you have finished with the Brush bar, you remove your brushes, open it up and flip the prongs back in and close.

The only brush that it had an issue with was the thin Luxie brush that I use for eyeliner (the pink brush to the far right). Because it is very thin it did slip down the prongs, but other than that it worked perfectly.


I have used quite a few brush cleaning methods in the past and this is my favorite so far. The duo of products perfectly complement one another and they both feel very well made. They would be great for traveling and they are slim and would slide into the back of a suitcase or bag very easily. 

If you have read my review before you will know that regardless of whether I paid for the product myself or received it as a gift if I don’t like something I will say. But for this, I can honestly say I loved it and would absolutely recommend it. These would also make a great gift for a makeup loving friend! (Please note, I do not receive any commission from any sales.)

Brush Bar & Brush Board discount code for all readers

I was so impressed by this, I asked the company if they could provide me with a discount code that I can pass on to you guys and they kindly agreed. So, if you would like to give these products a try, you can use the following code at checkout and get 15% discount off your entire first order. (Please note, I do not receive any commission from any sales.)

The Online Makeup Blog discount code: TOMU15

You can go directly to The Brush Bar website to place your order using my discount code. These are the prices for the products

The Brush Board $28 USD ($23.80 with discount code)
The Brush Bar for $38 USD ($32.30 with discount code)
However, you can buy the set for $55 USD, but of course, with the discount code, you would only be paying $46.75. You can also buy two sets for $100 ($75 with discount code)

If you want more than one Brush Bar, you can get a set of 5 for $155 USD, but again with the discount code, it brings it down to $131.75.

All US orders qualify for free shipping

Happy shopping…..

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