Viseart Editorial Brights Eyeshadow Palette Review, Swatches & Looks

Viseart Editorial Brights Eyeshadow Palette Review, Swatches & Looks

I seem to be going through a bright phase in my life and have recently purchased several bolder eyeshadow palettes, one being the Viseart Editorial Brights. Now, this palette really is bright and anyone who knows the Viseart range will know that they pack a punch as far as quality and colour is concerned. Another bonus for me is that they are all mattes.

Because Viseart is aimed at the professional makeup artist, the packaging is simple and light. No fancy palettes here, it is simply a plastic compact with 12 matte eyeshadows. This is great as it takes up very little room and one thing I do like about this palette is that is has a clear lid, so you can see exactly what’s inside without having to open it up. 

The quality of the Viseart eyeshadows in general, is brilliant. They are highly pigmented and blend beautifully. There is also minimal fallout and a little really does go a long way. So, when you look at this palette and think that it is pretty expensive at $100 CND/$80 USD, you are getting a lot of bang for your buck. That’s just over $8/$6 per pan (.07 oz) which when you consider you pay that for a MAC refill pan which is only .04 oz it is very reasonable for the quality you get. 

All of my swatches have been done with a brush with the top half over primer (NARS Pro-Prime Smudgeproof) and the bottom half on bare skin. I will go through by column, top to bottom.

White: This is a true white matte. Many palettes offer a white, but rarely is it this much of a true white. You can use this as it is or it can be used as a transition shade by blending with one of the brighter shades. It really does blend beautifully and although the colour payoff is better over primer it worked equally well on bare skin with no fallout.

Hot Pink: This is a beautiful hot pink that when used on bare skin is slightly less impactful for a more subtle look, but really pops when used over primer. It blended really well with no fallout.

Bright Red: Incredibly pigmented, this is a great shade that worked equally well over primer or bare skin. If you pack this on you can get a really deep red with no fallout. 

Lime Green: Another great colour payoff shade that delivered the exact shade seen in the pan to the skin. This is probably a shade you either love or hate, but it blends well and has great colour payoff. 

Orange: A really pretty shade that works slightly better over primer for that intense pigment. This can also be built up to give a really deep orange colour.

Plum: This is a purple/burgundy shade that has great colour payoff with no fallout. This could double up as a blush if used lightly. 

Bright Green: A really nice bright green that has great colour payoff and blends well. 

Yellow: I found this worked much better over primer as it came across quite sheer without. However, the pigment over primer was stunning. It also blended well and had no fallout.

Purple: What can I say? A stunning shade of purple that was highly pigmented and worked on either primer or bare skin equally well.

Aquamarine: A very pretty shade that leans toward teal and is highly pigmented, working slightly better over primer. No fallout and great blendability.

Light Blue: Another very pretty shade with great pigment and no fallout. This blends beautifully with great colour payoff. 

Royal Blue: This is the deepest of the blue shades and once again is highly pigmented and blends great with no fallout.

Overall this palette is stunning in both its shade offering as its quality. I literally had no fallout with any of the shades and they all blended beautifully and lasted over nine hours when I removed them. I’m sure they would have lasted even longer.

I decided to have some fun with this palette so came up with this fun look using only this palette and a wig and a feather boa. It was a delight to work with this shadow and I would have no hesitation recommending it to anyone who loves bright colours.  

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