Your Face: Meet Cham from Calgary

Your Face: Meet Cham from Calgary

I came across Cham and her sister Nhi whilst wandering around downtown Calgary. As part of my new series of posts, called Your Face, I'm finding people who have great makeup and unique looks. Whether I meet them on the streets, online or know them personally, I find out a little about them and ask them about their makeup.

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Cham, although born in Calgary has Vietnamese heritage. I was taken with her beautiful eyes and lovely lip shade. I asked her a few questions about her makeup routine.

Do you prefer high-end or drugstore products?

I think most of the products I use are on the drugstore side. It's just eyeshadows where I think the pigment in high-end products is much better, so I do tend to buy high-end shadows.

Do you own any eyeshadow palettes?

I have lots of the Urban Decay Naked palettes. I usually use the Naked 2 a lot, but also like the Naked 3 with the pink tones.

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How many lipsticks would you say you own?

Not that many, maybe seven. I use lip tint more. I use a tint underneath then a lipstick on top. I like a rosy undertone.

Do you have a favourite foundation?

I use a drugstore one, Maybelline Fit Me. I've been using it for two or three years now.

Is there a product or makeup process that you couldn't live without?

I think eyebrows. They really frame your face. I like more of a straight eyebrow look as I feel it gives a more youthful look.

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Do you have a makeup tip you can share?

I usually spray my makeup sponge with some water before I blend foundation. I prefer the dewy look and it helps using water on the sponge. 

What does makeup mean to you?

I think it's just fun. I wear it because I like to create a different look every day. It's a way of self-expression. 

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Later this week, you will meet Cham's sister Nhi in another Your Face post.

If you want to be featured in the Your Face section, please get in touch. It doesn't matter where you live as you can send photos to me and then I'll ask you some questions via email etc. So, please get in touch.  

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