Your Face: Moonlyn from Toronto

Your Face: Moonlyn from Toronto

As part of my new series of posts, called Your Face, I'm finding people who have great makeup and unique looks. Whether I meet them on the streets, online or know them personally, I find out a little about them and ask them about their makeup. This time I am interviewing Moonlyn, who I think you'll agree has a great look.

I have to confess to knowing Moonlyn for a number of years now, and when I started this series of posts I immediately thought of her. The only problem was, I am now in Calgary and she is in Toronto but by the power of modern technology, I am still able to include her.


Moonlyn is a recording artist and actress from Toronto and has her own unique look that I find is reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe, which can never be a bad thing!

I asked her a number of questions about her makeup routine and here are her answers.

What makeup product couldn't you live without?

Not strictly makeup, but I couldn't live without my Vitamin E Oil. I usually get my pure Vitamin E Oil from Kensington Market & then pour it into a glass vial with the roller ball at the end. I purchased the vial online.

Most, if not all store bought light balms have alcohol in it, which dries out the lips & is counter-intuitive for what they're supposed to do. (I am also allergic to all forms of alcohol). Plus, the vitamin E acts as a great natural shiny lip gloss. It's great to keep my lips moist during Toronto's dry & cold winters. It never gets cakey on my lips either.  I love vitamin E, I put it on my face every night. I also use it to quickly heal scars etc. It's one of my most important items in my cosmetic routine.


At what age did you start wearing makeup?

At 13, during the beginning of my Goth phase!

What are your favourite make up items?

Physician's Formula Cover up Stick. & Mascara by Essence (Lash Princess - Sculpted Volume). They are all vegan & cruelty-free & natural... I never leave home without them. The mascara is the secret to my Bombshell-like big thick & long eyelashes. I don't even need to curl my lashes & rarely do because of how great this mascara is.


In what order do you apply your makeup?

For a full-face makeup application, I use my Physician's Formula Cover-up Stick (if needed), then brows, loose powder, eye shadow, blush, eyeliner, mascara, then lips last. 

On an average day, I only wear cover-up (if needed), mascara & vitamin E on my lips.


How do you apply your foundation? Sponge, brush etc.?

I never wear foundation. The only time foundation is ever used for me, are on film sets for whatever TV shows & movies I've been in so far. And it is the makeup artist that applies it and they normally use a makeup sponge.

I normally only wear cover up whenever needed and a very little bit of loose powder. I dab on the cover up with my fingers and apply the loose powder with a large brush. Then after these steps, I gently pat my whole face with a fresh kleenex to blend it all in better.  If my skin is dry, during dryer seasons, or if it's too humid & I'm too shiny or sweaty, then I won't wear any powder.

And finally, what does makeup mean to you?

Makeup is a means of artistically expressing myself.


If you would like to be featured in the Your Face section, please get in touch.

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